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"The girls in the images are beyond hot ... Content-wise, Barely Evil is pretty much unbeatable in the punk/goth arena. There are tons and tons of pictures of hot goth and punk chicks doing just about everything"
--Adult Reviews

"great Fetish porn"
--Rex Magazine

"The babes are incredibly hot ... Anyone into blue and pink hair, black lipstick, piercings and tattoos ... will get off on the content of Barely Evil."
--Fetish Fish

"Besides the great amount of content, I was also very impressed with the variety of the sets. The photographers they use are very good at what they do and each shoot is distinct and original ... Like the shoots, the gals are just as original and distinct from each other. There are punk rockers and Goth chicks covered in tattoos, with all colors of hair and pierced all over as well. They need to be seen, but trust me if that is your type you will fall in love over and over again ... As far as the hotties go, Barely Evil might be the best punk/Goth site I have ever seen."
--Rabbit's Reviews

"The quality of the photo sets, the way the girls are dressed and their make-up is just stunning."
--Free Ones

"each shot is spectacular ... This site is a breath of fresh air in the world of porn. They manage to capture a sub- culture of punk, goth, and alterna-girls ... These girls are sexy, smart, edgy, and even a little bit scary ... Come here if you're looking for something unique."
--Porn Inspector

"Barely Evil? These chicks are completely evil! ... It's a freakfest of gorgeous women ... What impressed me most about Blue Blood's site is its originality ... highly acclaimed artists that have a talent for making already devilish looking debutantes even more evil and sexy than they are."

"producing the sexiest and naughtiest Goth troublemakers this side of the internet ... Punk's definitely not dead"
--Goth Porn Sites

"I don't know why they call it "Barely Evil" cuz these goth chicks look like they can fucking bite my head off in one chomp. It shows weird huge toy play, bondage and just extreme freakiness, goth lesbians, sweet costumes and gear and killer models."
--Zombie Girls

"Ahh, these are my kind of girls ... This site is pure class wrapped up in latex and pierced through the middle."
--Self-Lover's World

"Many sites boast 'real' or 'amateur' perve girls, but this site delivers the real deal, naughty little girls who really do dress, party, and fuck the way it says they do."
--Myrium Gurba, On Our Backs

"You will be surprised what some of these wicked models manage to slip inside their wet pussies ... BarelyEvil manages to capture everything that's wicked and wonderful about this genre. It has succeeded in gathering together some of the hottest alternative girls you'll see on the net ... If you want to get in with a bad crowd then you won't find a more deliciously dirty one than the girls at BarelyEvil!"
--Honest Porn Reviews

"Barely Evil caters to the subculture crowd of Goths, punks and the wild bad girls who turn us on. Beautiful erotic photographs ... Goth fans are going to love these artistic depictions of the subculture"
--Planet Climax

"Barely Evil specializes in Gothic and Emo girls and sex toy (or anything else that fits) insertions ... all of the girls are stunners in a dangerous Addams Family way."
--Nudie Review

"gorgeous nude models ... thousands of high-res images ... The site is committed not only to displaying the women it features, but to promoting them as well - in many cases you'll find interviews and commentary that enhance the intimacy between model and viewer."
--Quips and Chains

"The photography is unique and original."
--Adult Site Surfer

"Porn has just gotten a whole lot scarier, and strangely enough, a whole lot sexier."
--X3 Porn Review

"Ever wanted to see naked goth babes wield chain saws, large two-hand swords and spears, perhaps even perforators and huge drill machines? There is only one place kinky enough to offer hot gothic sluts who just love all that stuff."
--Super Gothic

"The photography featured in the member galleries is exquisite. Attention is paid to all the important details which make the difference between a good photo and a stunning art visual. Edgy lighting and dirty attitudes are exuded from all the nooks and crannies here. If it's been a while since you saw a chick with a mohawk or buzz cutt, this is a place to get caught up."
--Pam's Reviews

"Artsy, gritty, kinky and pretty"
--Sex Herald

"always awesome"
--Lux Alterna

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